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Before starting the rehabilitation course, you will need to undergo comprehensive diagnostics in the clinic «Prognoz» (in St. Petersburg or during off-site appointments in Moscow). Diagnosis is valid within 3 months.

Diagnostics can be undergone in one or two visits – whichever you prefer.

Total cost of the comprehensive diagnostics can vary between 16 000 and 19 500 rubles (depending on the age of the child).

Rehabilitation plan is devised after the diagnostics, consultations by a neurologist and a speech rehabilitation therapist and after a case follow-up.

Rehabilitation starts on the next day after the completion of the diagnostics. The course lasts 16 days.

Price for one rehabilitation course can vary between 100 000 and 160 000 rubles (depending on the amount of sessions and procedures).


  • Ask our administrator about the course availability for the dates you are interested in (reservation is possible starting three months before the expected commencement date of your course).
  • Receive an email from the administrator with the approval of your rehabilitation course dates.
  • After the email is received, you will need to make a security payment of 17.500 rubles.
  • The security payment for the rehabilitation course has to be made within 10 days after the email is received.
  • You can make the payment with a help of a Sberbank operator (your receipt will be attached to the email).
  • If the payment is not received within 10 days, the reservation will be cancelled automatically without prior notice.
    Public offer agreement.


If you don’t attend the first days of the course without a valid reason, the security payment will not be returned.